Starting with .NET MAUI

What is .NET MAUI?

Probably you are heard about it, but Microsoft defines it as “the evolution of Xamarin.Forms” which would mainly be the evolution of its Microsoft cross-platform framework that allows you to create native and desktop applications by using C# and XAML. What it basically tries is to simplify your live so you can create just one single project that will seamlessly run on all platforms: iOS, Android, macOS and Windows.

I don’t want to go into the details on how this abstraction is happening, but I let you deep into the topic on the official documentation.

Setting up your local environment

  1. Download Visual Studio (if you don’t have it)
  2. When installing it, make sure to install “.NET Multi-platform App UI development”
    • If you already had Visual Studio, open the “Visual Studio Installer”, click “Modify” and install it

  3. Open “Visual Studio”. In my case, Visual Studio Professional 2022; but it can differ to yours

UPDATE: now Microsoft announced that Visual Studio will support editing markdown files natively. Check the 17.5 release notes here.

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